August 22, 2013

How I Made My Own Bed Part II

You can read part one here. Building my bed did not take as long as one would imagine. I spent about twelve hours at the most on it, split into a few days of work. I’m now confident that I’d rather build something with wood and tools than sew something any day. 

After finishing my bed, I ordered wire baskets from amazon and patiently waited for them to arrive. This made room for me to throw away my plastic drawer organizer I’ve had way too long. There is storage on the other side against the wall for year around storage, and there is room on the sides for books and other baskets, one side even has our internet router stored on the side. My baskets now hold my fabrics, scarves, headbands, paint and craft supplies. 

Overall, I’m super pleased with how my bed turned out and how the baskets look under it. A huge thanks to my brothers for moving it in for me, it weighs a ton..but I guess that is what happens when you use real wood.

P.S. If you are wondering, my quilt & pillowcase are from my recent trip to India and my rug is handmade by me (here is the tutorial)