November 26, 2013

How I Made My Work Desk

 When I started working from home, I just used the kitchen table and our living room coffee table to work on but that got old quick. I decided to get rid of my dresser I’ve used for 10 years and combine my clothes into my closet to make room for a desk. I wanted the design to be simple and something I can spill paint on and not worry about. I’m pretty excited for the desk to form more character as I use it more and more. My brother, Aric, helped me out with executing the plans I had drawn and of course let me borrow his tools.

 Materials: Wood, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Table Saw, Wood Glue, Clamps, Nail gun, Screwdriver, Screws

Table: Begin by making the legs. I used two 35 inch pieces of wood to form an angle. Make four legs.  Connect the front two legs and the back two legs with a 54 inch piece of wood about five inches off the ground. Connect the sides with a 22 inch piece. Do the same to connect the legs at the top. Add a rectangle table top to the table with a nail gun. Do this for the bottom shelf, measuring the insides of the legs.

Drawer: Cut two 22 inch by 5 inch boards and four 22 inch by 1 inch pieces. Line up the smaller pieces against the larger pieces creating a gap in between (see photo #7). After securing these pieces with a nail gun, line it up on the sides of your desk and screw into place. Cut a rectangle measuring 22 inch by 54 inch for the bottom of the drawer. Cut two 22 inch by 5 inch boards for the sides and two 54 inch by 5 inch boards for the front and back of the drawer. Line up and nail all boards into place. Cut two 22 inch by 3 inch pieces and nail into place for the outsides of the drawer. Slide into sides of the desk.

Please Note: This desk was made for working, if any other case I would have used solid wood instead of oriented strand board. This way, I already have the “work bench” look that I want and I don’t mind getting scratches, dents, paint marks and other things on the work area. I understand this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so if you want a cleaner, more professional look I suggest using a solid wood for the top and bottom.

 I wanted to keep my desk really simple. I’ll be adding shelves above my workspace soon. I’ll be back soon to share how I made some geometric drawer pulls for my desk!