March 27, 2020

How To Begin Baking Bread At Home

Over the past year or more I’ve set out on my own bread journey. We love to have people in our home for a meal and making a fresh loaf of bread has been something special to welcome people in with.

Baking bread is therapeutic, rewarding, inexpensive and a great practice to share with others. I’ve loved seeing others start their own bread journeys and really feel like it brings us all together – as sharing a meal undeniably does.

Since we are all quarantined at home, I’ve had many reach out with questions about bread and what tools I used. With the state of things, most online stores are sold out of flour and yeast but if you keep them in your cart on Amazon you can see when they’re restocked!

Below are some of my favorite bread tools. Of course, the only things you truly need are flour, water, yeast, salt, a mixing bowl and a scale.

Proofing basket and tools, Bench scraper, Pyrex mixing bowls, Ceramic Mixing Bowl, Danish Whisk, Dutch Oven, Tea Towel, Bread Baking For Beginners, Bread Box, Bread Knife, Oil Cruet, Scale

Here are just a few tips as you get started:

1. Gather all of your ingredients and measure them beforehand.

2. Set aside a whole day to your first loaf. Don’t try to do it in between a lot of other projects going on. Leave space for each step, step away to read a book or drink some tea and then come back. It will keep your mind focused and you’ll enjoy the process much more!

3. Don’t worry if you don’t do every step perfectly but be mindful of each step. I call this my bread journey because it is just that – a journey!

4. Don’t throw out a bad batch! Make croutons instead.

5. Bake with a friend! Swap your favorite recipes, taste test together, and share tips.

6. Take notes. I like to take notes every time on temperatures and different results.

7. Start simple. I love the book Bread Baking For Beginners because it starts with a no-knead recipe. I think we often want to jump to the end sourdough goal but starting simply helps you understand each component of bread and the simple tricks of the trade that will yield a much better loaf!

If you start baking bread, please share! Tag me on instagram, we’re in this together!