February 5, 2016

How To Print and Frame Giant Photos For Less Than $20

After posting a little tour of our living room, I’ve had a lot of questions about the prints above the couch. They were so cheap for the size and transformed our space! The best part is…anyone can do it! It only takes tools to hang it up. Keep reading for how to print and frame giant photos for less than $20.

EDIT: After many requests, these two photos are available for digital download in my Always Rooney Print shop! For just $8 you’ll receive a download of both prints as well as the original landscape photo (not cut in half). You can purchase it here. Please note these prices are priced in the United States so I apologize I can not say this info is true in every country!

For the prints, I chose two photos from our recent trip to California that I took on my iPhone 6. The photo was horizontal, so I took it into photoshop and resized it to measure 24×36 by increasing the size by 10% at a time (you can do this in Preview on a Mac or any other editing program). It takes a few minutes to do this but it prevents the photo from being pixelated. After resizing, I split it in half to make two vertical photos.

Send the prints to Staples and get the photos printed into Colored Engineer Prints. Mine are 24×36 and cost under $6. Black & White photos run for less than $4!

For the frames, my biggest tip is to get these frames only when Michaels is having a sale (which honestly seems like every week). I found mine at Michaels for 60% off plus an additional 20% off which brought the total to $16. They have a variety of sizes and we have probably bought 6 or 7 so far.

There you have it- an oversized statement piece for $20! Do you have anywhere that would be perfect for a giant framed print?