May 3, 2018

How To Print Your Own Book!

With everything going digital these days, I still have a deep affinity for paper products and notebooks. When I was in the process of creating The Shop Guide, I knew having a printed workbook would be so much more enjoyable for some students. There is just something about having a physical workbook during pivotal seasons that allows your thoughts to be more clear. Plus, it is always fun to go back and read your notes from years past.

Then I stumbled across Blurb – a website designed so you can have your own creations printed in book form (by the way, this is in no way sponsored I just had a great experience with Blurb). They have a free app you can download on your computer so designing the book is a breeze! It is fun to create each page and then format it to your book.

For The Shop Guide workbook, I chose to create a trade book which is perfect for workbook pages and writing notes. Other options include photo books, magazines, and e-books. I finished some pages for the workbook and uploaded them to see what they would look like.

After receiving my first copy, I was blown away by the quality and not to mention, it felt amazing to just hold something in my hands that I had worked so hard on. My first workbook was only 20 pages and felt a little unfinished. I took some notes on how to change the design and add more value that would go along with my online course.

I reformatted the whole book and ended up with 55 pages! I am so proud of what it turned into which goes to show your first try will never be the best – keep pushing and tweaking. I wanted to share this resource with you because I know you may have a project you’re itching to make.

The best part? You can sell your book! Blurb allows you to do on-demand orders which means your up-front investment is little (if anything). Which this goes right along with passive income I’m always preaching about. You can even sell your book directly through Amazon. Crazy, right?

I even had a few questions and experienced the Blurb customer service team who were extremely helpful!

If your looking at how to print your own book, I highly recommend Blurb. The quality is so great and the design process is so easy!