October 11, 2015

How To Recycle Your Favorite Candle | DIY

It’s always a bummer when your favorite candle has seen fuller days and it is nearing the end of it’s burn time. But on the bright side, there is a fix to that! I found an old Anthropologie Volcanocandle in our home that still had the fantastic smell and a little bit of wax but refused to burn. I knew my friend Rachel had reused wax before so she taught me real quick how to recycle a candle.

Supplies: Old candle, Wick, Soy wax, Spoon, Microwaveable Glass, New container for your new candle

Process: First, place your wick in the bottom of your new container. Depending on what wick you get, you may need to hot glue it in place. Spoon out the old wax into your microwaveable glass. I recommend using a glass you won’t use again for cooking. Add in some new wax to your old wax and heat it up in the microwave in incriminates of 3 minutes. After the wax is completely melted, pour into your new candle container. Once the wax is solidified, trim the wick and enjoy your fresh new candle!

Now, I don’t feel bad for not using the entire candle because I can always squeeze a little bit more out of it by a simple fix!

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