December 30, 2012

In 2012 I…

Had the best summer full of adventures and learning

Built my first kitchen table with some help from my brother in law. In 2013, I plan to re-stain it which I am really stoked about!

 Designed iphone cases to sell for a mission trip to India I will be going on in 2013.

Explored more. I went hiking and rock climbing for the first time and found out that I actually enjoyed them!

Was featured on Lauren Conrad’s blog as the “Chic of the Week” which was such an honor!

Launched my blog, Always Rooney, which was a huge step out of my comfort zone and I found that it was the perfect way to express what I love to do.

Finally made a cape I have been dreaming about for ever it seems

Started dating Brandon in February and have had the best times with him since

Traveled. I had many opportunities this year to travel, there is nothing better than getting in the car to explore a new (or already visited) place

Ran my first 5k, then I ran a second one and got 3rd place in my division

This has been one of the best years yet, I have had a wonderful 2012 and I look forward to everything that will happen in 2013.