January 10, 2013

In the Woods | Outfit Post

Undershirt: J.Crew//Aztec Shirt: Hometown Boutique (Private Gallery)// Denim Shirt: Target// Jeans:Bullhead for Pacsun// Necklace: Urban (thank you Ari& Chase!)//Boots: TJMaxx (brand is Groove)

You may have noticed in my past DIY post about my hair, yes it is true…I finally got my hair cut. I am personally not a fan of going to get my hair cut because I prefer it long and when I ask for an inch trim the hairstylist takes about four to five inches off, I’m sure you have had a problem like this before. I am embarrassed to admit it has been since I graduated high school (2011) when I got my hair cut last. This time I mustered the confidence to get my hair cut but asked a good friend to do it so I could make sure it turned out alright (thanks Kristy!). Leading up to the anti-clamactic hair cut I tossed the idea around in my head to get bangs, I asked friends and tried to picture myself with straight across fringe, I was a little nervous to ask Kristy thinking my hair was too thick and face too round for bangs so I kept my bangs long and grown out. When I get to thinking of ideas and they can’t leave my head I usually end up at least trying it out so I thought “Hey, worst that could happen is they will look awful and I’ll pin them to the side…it will challenge my hair creativity!” So being an optimist I picked up some cutting sheers and chopped away at my bangs myself.

There you have it, a new year and a new haircut! Speaking of new year, I’m working on lots of new projects including a new look to Always Rooney and a design for a charity I love! I try to keep busy;)

Thanks to my brother, Chase for taking these photos. He’s pretty awesome.

Have a great thursday!