June 6, 2018

Iron & Wood Blanket Ladder Ikea Hack | DIY

Blanket ladders are not new on the home design horizon, but they are a staple item. I have been wanting to make an iron and wood ladder for quite some time and finally found the perfect hardware to use from Ikea. This Ikea hack is so simple and takes about an hour! Keep reading for the tutorial on how to make your own iron & wood blanket ladder.

Materials: 3 1×2 6 ft. pine boards, 3 in. wood screws,2 pairs of Ikea BORGHAMN handles (16 3/4 in.), circular saw (optional), sandpaper, drill, measuring tape

How-To: Cut one of the pine boards down to 14.75 inches. This will go at the top of the ladder to keep it sturdy. Sand the cut with sandpaper to keep it smooth. Attach this piece between the two remaining boards 4.5 inches from the top using wood screws. Measure down 9 inches and mark where you’ll create a pilot hole for the first iron handle. Drill a pilot hole and repeat on second board. Attach first iron handle using provided screws. Measure 12 inches down and repeat drilling the holes and attaching the handles.

*I did not use stain on my boards since I was careful to choose a wood (pine) that I liked the natural color of. If you want feel free to paint or stain your boards to match your home.

 I love how this ladder turned out. It is simple, functional and a perfect beginner Ikea hack!