July 17, 2013

Jeep Tire Cover Restyle

**EDIT November 21, 2016: I’ve opened The Tire Cover Shop where you can order your own tire cover! Shop here.**

I’ve been a part of the jeep club for a few months now (RIP Trailblazer) and I still love it! I’ve always dreamt of a white jeep wrangler and when I got one I was beside myself. I decided it was time for a tire cover and I’m personally not a huge fan of the covers with smiley faces, camo print or any sports logo (although if I had to chose a huge A for Alabama football would be my choice) so I knew making one was the way to go. 

I originally planned to sew a cover but after looking at the prices of fabric I decided purchasing one from eBay and painting it was the way to go. I found this black cover for $10 and free shipping (!!!). I painted some flowers and sealed it with a weather proof spray. 

 I feel like I will be changing it up quite a bit, I had so many ideas going into it so who knows what the next tire cover will look like!

**EDIT November 21, 2016: I’ve opened The Tire Cover Shop where you can order your own tire cover! Shop here.**