June 23, 2014

Don’t Keep Up

Bandeau: Target//Dress: Free People//Boots: Steve Madden//Bracelets: The Oxford Trunk

Photos by my friend, Joe Bulger. You can see more of his work here and follow him on instagram.

I think the times we live in, there is a lot of pressure to “keep up.” It is unnecessary pressure and I feel like if we didn’t view everything as a race to be won, or people to catch up with- we would enjoy life more. The good news is you can take a deep breath and see that it does not have to be overwhelming and there really isn’t anything or anyone to keep up with! Just take it a step at a time and remember why you started. Don’t get caught up in keeping up- you won’t get anywhere doing that. Do what you love and enjoy the small moments-don’t live just for the “big” moments.

A few things I’ve been loving lately: this verse, this side table DIY, funny puns & jokes, Nike RoshesMadison’s thoughts on creativity killers, dancing the night away with friends, this chevron wood wall decor, and these planters.