August 17, 2013

Lamp Restyle With Wood

One of the best company partnerships is Target & Goodwill…whoever came up with the genius idea to donate items from Target to each local Goodwill rules. I picked up this Nate Burkus for Target lamp for $5 at Goodwill a few weeks ago (originally $50!!) with the cheap price ticket came just a few little pen marks so a restyle was in order.

Materials: Lamp, E6000 glue, pencil, scissors & wood veneer edging. I started out by cutting a few different shapes and laying them out on the lamp to see the pattern I wanted. After trying a few things, I ended up cutting two triangle shapes for the middle to make a diamond and strips to frame around the diamond. 

Now I just need to find a shade to top off my lamp. Have fun restyling!