December 20, 2012

Last Minute Wishlist

So maybe I’m late in the game, but here are some things I’ve come across lately that I would really enjoy in my closet! What did you ask for Christmas?

Bamboo Keyboard:I am a tech nerd (I asked for a scanner for Christmas), and love any cool nerdy gadget plus this one is made out of bamboo and recyclable.

Studded Bag: I love crossbody purses and I love this purse and it’s price from Free People.

Long Cardigan: I just want to be curled up with this mustard colored cardigan all day long.

Beanie: A few years ago I got a Krochet Kids Beanie for Christmas and I have loved watching this company and it’s heart grow ever since!

Arrow Cuff: Two things I love: Arrows and Bracelets.


P.S. It may be quiet around here around the holidays, I’ll be spending it with family.. I hope you will be as well.