July 25, 2013

Lasting Friendships

*Photos from my hometown, Fairhope & Gulf Shores Alabama

I’ve probably mentioned this before, and in case I haven’t I just want to let you know how great my best friends are. I spent this past week hanging out with four of my best friends visiting our favorite places, laughing ’til we cried and sharing our hearts with one another. I have been friends with most of these girls for nine years. We made it through the awkwardness of middle school, the stress of high school, and the distance of two years of college. Every single time we come back together it seems like I just saw them a few days prior because we pick up where we left off every single time. We are all incredibly different and I’ve learned so much from each of these girls. I feel so blessed to have friends that have gone out of their way for me, friends that have made it a priority to see how I’m doing hundreds of miles away, friends that make me laugh everyday through group messaging or skype, friends that challenge me and friends that encourage my relationship with Christ.

Our friendship is rare, it is genuine and it is a stinkin’ good time.

Thanks Aubrie, Ember, Leah & Maegan for always being there for me.