July 9, 2012

Late inspirations..

A few things that have inspired me this past week..

{inspiring quote by Amy Fries}

 I thought this was a fun picture to pair with this quote…the idea of blowing fruit up that requires some daydreaming (this is actually a picture of a cantaloupe exploding). 

 {love the small details}

 {love this romper}

{dreamy room inspiration found on Pinterest}

This past weekend my mind has been all over the place just dreaming of decorating my new apartment. This is good news because a lot of new Always Rooney DIYs will come from it. Going into my second year of college I feel this year my apartment…or my little corner of my room in my apartment… will be a lot cozier and decorated to my personality. I can’t wait to share with you how everything comes out

{Photography by Darian Hill:: @darianblake on instagram}

Last but not least, one of my friends Darian posted these photos to Instagram and was so kind to send me larger copies. Her Instagram has such a beachy/hippy/carefree vibe that is so inspiring and always leaves me extremely jealous that I do not live at the beach this summer. These were taken with film and here she is experimenting with double exposure. In my opinion is doing an incredible job! Be sure to check out her rad photos on instagram!  

What has been inspiring you lately?