December 6, 2013

Learn To Crochet | Fleece Lined Fingerless Gloves

 I’m back with another pattern for all you crocheters! This pattern was inspired by these Free People arm warmers and are perfect for the snow that just came into town yesterday. For all the beginning videos, you can check out this post. There is a new video today that teaches how to crochet in the round.

J Hook

1 Skein of Fisherman’s Wool 


Sc-single crochet

Slip Stitch

Dc-double crochet

Crochet in Round

Granny Square (make 6 for each glove):

Ch 3 and join (follow video above)

Round one: dc 13 around

Round two: ch 1 and sc around 

Round three: ch 2 and sc in next stitch

Round four: [ch 3, skip one stitch, sc in next. sc in next 5 sitches] repeat around

Connect Squares:

>Line up two squares and slip knot in corner of both squares. 

>Sc across and when you reach the end, line up two more squares and continue sc across. Repeat this until all 6 squares are connected.

>Fold squares that are attached together and sc up the side joining the squares as a “tunnel”

>When you reach the top, ch 2 & dc around edge. Make sure you aren’t joining the sides together, this will be an opening for your hand.

>Tie off.

>Go back to the openings that are not connected and connect squares together by sc down the sides (see opening on fourth picture? single crochet those two squares together.)

>Make sure you close all the openings except one. This is the thumb hole.

>Join yarn to square with a slip knot at the thumb opening and dc around opening. 

>Sc around and tie off.

Fleece Lining:

Lay finished glove on top of fleece that is folded and cut out leaving a seam allowance. Sew around sides, leaving the top and bottom open. Place inside glove and sew around bottom to secure two pieces together.

This project is a little more complicated than the beanie, but it is a great stepping stone to more complicated patterns.

**Photos & Videos shot by Chase Kennedy**