November 18, 2013

Learn To Crochet: Instructional Videos

Ever wanted to learn how to crochet but didn’t know how to start or what projects would be best for beginners? I’m rounding up some of my favorite patterns and adding video tutorials of the stitches to go along with them so that you can easily learn to crochet. I have the videos broken up into quick lessons so you can easily refer back to them while you are learning. Today I will load the videos and later this week I will post a new crochet pattern!

How to Single Crochet & Rib Stitch

Basic stitches used for most patterns.

How To Chain:

-The beginning of most patterns

How to Double Crochet: 

-Basic stitch like single crochet but makes a “taller” stitch.

How To Slip Stitch

-Used to combine ends of crocheted piece together

Comment below and share what you’ve always wanted to learn or a project you have been eyeing and I’ll see what I can do. A few projects you can look forward to are a simple slouchy beanie, slippers, cross body purse & fleece lined mittens. Some past patterns I have posted include: giant doily rug & barefoot sandals.

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**Special thanks to Chase Kennedy for the videos!