February 28, 2014

Learn To Crochet: Pillow Pattern

There are no words that express how simple this pillow is to make. I’ve recently discovered the amazing foundation single crochet stitch..it will definitely change your crochet game. I’ve made a new video instructing how to do this new stitch so you can easily follow along.

Simple Crochet Pillow Pattern

Q Hook

Bulky Yarn- I used 2 skeins Loops & Threads to make a 15 in x 17 in pillow

Yarn Needle

Fabric for inside of pillow (I used a canvas fabric I had on hand)

Pillow Stuffing of your choice

Sewing Machine

Row 1: 22 foundation single crochet

Row 2-17: chain 2, double crochet in first stitch until you reach the end, turn and repeat across

Once your pillow reaches your desired size once it is folded over, sew up three sides using a yarn needle and excess yarn. To make a cleaner edge: slip stitch your sides.

Measure your pillow by width and length and cut two squares in the same size, sew around the edges leaving room to stuff your pillow. Hand sew the opening. Place your pillow in the crochet cover, and finish sewing up the sides with your yarn needle or slip stitch.

I whipped this out in just a few hours because of the chunky yarn and the large hook. I love the coziness of a crocheted or knitted pillow. What are you going to be crocheting next?