February 18, 2014

Learn To Crochet: Simple Slippers

 I made these slippers a few years ago, since then I’ve made probably seven pairs for myself and for friends. They are so simple, and so comfortable! I wear mine all the time. The first pair I made was mustard yellow (of course) with gray trim, this time I tried out my fisherman’s wool with teal trim.

This pattern is adapted from this slipper pattern from Garn Studio.

Learn simple crochet stitches HERE.

Single Crochet- sc

Decrease- dec

Increase- inc

Chain- ch

Slip Stitch- sl stsDECREASING TIP: Decrease 1 single crochet at the end of row by turning piece when 1 single crochet remain. 
INCREASING TIP: Increase 1 single crochet by working 2 single crochet in last but one single crochet.

Chain 5 with crochet hook size 6 mm / J/10 and lime (leave approx 11¾” thread and use this to sew tog the slipper afterwards) 
ROW 1: 2 single crochet in each of the last 4 chain = you will have 8 sc
ROW 2: 2 single crochet in each sc = you will have 16 sc.
ROW 3: * 1 sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc *, repeat from *-* = you will now have 24 sc. 
Increases are now complete for the smaller sizes (size 6-7)

SIZE 7½-9: ROW 4: 1 sc in each sc, at the same time inc 3 sc evenly on row = 27 sc.
SIZE 9½-10½: ROW 4: * 1 sc in each of the first 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc *, repeat from *-* = 30 sc.
ALL SIZES: Continue with 1 sc in each sc until piece measures 3 1/8”-3½”-4”. Now dec 1 sc each side at the end of every row – SEE DECREASING TIP, and repeat the dec a total of 2-3-3 times (small-medium-large) = 20-21-24 sc. Continue with 1 sc in each sc until piece measures  6”-7”-8”. Now inc 1 sc each side at the end of every row – SEE INCREASING TIP – and repeat the inc a total of 2 times = 24-25-28 sc. When piece measures 8¾”-9½”-10 5/8” fold it double and crochet tog mid back with a row of sl sts through both layers. Cut the thread and fasten. Tighten slipper at the top and sew together mid upper foot 
-Crochet a row of sc with a contrasting color around the opening of slipper. OPTIONAL STRAP: Crochet 1 sc in row of sc round opening at one side (in approx 8th sc from seam mid front), crochet a ch loop measuring approximately 7” and attach with a sl st in first sc. Sew on a button the other side.  

 These are a great beginner project! Be sure to leave a link if you decide to make a pair for yourself!