February 5, 2014

Learn To Crochet: Yarn and Leather Bag Pattern

It’s about past time for a new crochet pattern, today’s pattern is a great beginner’s pattern. You’ll need to use this slip stitch video and double crochet video to make this crochet and leather bag!

Crochet & Leather Bag Pattern:

Materials Needed: Leather, Sewing machine, crop-o-dile (or other strong hole punch), yarn needle, yarn of choice, J Crochet hook.

Leather Bottom Steps: Cut out two rectangles of leather and sew around three sides leaving a large side open. Fold inside out and using your crop-o-dile, punch holes into your leather equal distances apart around the opening of your leather. Using your yarn needle and yarn, sew around the edge of the leather opening.

Crochet Steps: 

Start on the side of leather where the seam is, draw up a loop, and slip stitch into the first stitch that is attached to the leather. Chain two. Double crochet around leather until you reach the beginning. Connect with a slip stitch, chain two and double crochet around. Continue this until you reach the height you want (or in my case…run out of yarn!).

Leather strap: 

Cut a thin strip of leather and fold in half hot dog style. Cut at an angle on the end to make a point. Cut another thin strip and punch holes on the ends. Connect to your crocheted bag and connect the pointed strip to the back.

This bag is so easy to customize to the size you need. Mine measures about 7.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall. You could make this for a computer bag, iPad case, small clutch or just a cell phone holder.

For more crochet videos, check out my YouTube channel.