July 25, 2015

Learning As I Go | Part Eight

Photo by The Merrythought

This is a feature of Always Rooney to highlight the good and the bad of “learning as I go” as I document and share about my journey of working for myself and doing what I love. I want to remember these moments, and maybe…just maybe..other people will be able to relate along the way. I’d love to hear your thoughts and your own journeys (even if they look different) as well please feel free to share. 

It’s been well overdue to write a “Learning As I Go” post here on my blog. In the past several months I’ve been occupied with orders from eager world travelers as well as trying to figure out a few things about the direction of my etsy shop and blog. What I’ve been learning lately is how to keep this job sustainable as well as keeping myself inspired and enjoying the creative process. Not the easiest thing when you work at home alone all day, every day. So I’ve made a few lifestyle and job changes that have improved my work days and my productivity! 

First, I got a part time “real” job! In the past I’ve thought about getting a side job and quickly dismissed the idea due to a few thoughts: What would people think? Would this Impact my business negatively? Will people think my business is suffering? They were all thoughts that didn’t have a strong answer. They were thoughts about others  and not myself and what I felt was best. I work a few times a week at my local Anthropologie and I love it. It is my first job working for someone other than myself (crazy, right?!) but it helps me get out of the house, stay motivated and on top of my to-do list as well as keeps me inspired. Ironically, a week later i gained a third job at Barre3 (which I love and it has been so beneficial to my life in so many ways!). In these months I feel more driven, especially in my small business. It has been fun seeing things take shape while enjoying other jobs too.

I know this isn’t the typical path to take for someone who already has their dream job. But I have really been challenged and stretched in the best of ways through getting a part-time job at a retail shop. That is what I’ve been learning: my path will always look different than someone else’s. And that is okay! Better yet, it is preferred! I feel so good to be in this season of life, it may not be forever. It will probably shift and take a different shape eventually but that is the beauty of life.

I recently hit over 2,000 sales on Etsy and I never, ever thought I would be here. I’m humbled, I’m grateful and I thank God that He has given me the grace in this time of my life to do this. I’m learning, things will always be changing and I can not wait to see what is next! Thanks for reading along, supporting me and my small business as well as my small family, believing in me and showing me that by your support on my Etsy campaign.

I could probably say so much more, but I’ll just cram it all in to another Learning As I Go post 😉

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