December 15, 2013

Learning As I Go | Part Four

Thanks for the photo, Brandon!

This is a feature of Always Rooney to highlight the good and the bad of “learning as I go” as I document and share about my journey of working for myself, doing what I love & taking time off from school. I want to remember these moments, and maybe…just maybe..other people will be able to relate along the way. I’d love to hear your thoughts and your own journeys (even if they look different) as well please feel free to share.

December has been crazy! Honestly, I had no clue it would be like this. I have always read about businesses and etsy shops gearing up for the holidays around October but now I know why. I know I should have prepared myself well in advanced, but honestly I didn’t think it would be this crazy so I didn’t prepare in advance (I’m smacking my head right about now). This isn’t to say I’m behind on orders, but I know if I would have prepared in advanced I would have time to knit my friends and family gifts like I was hoping as well as blog the things I want to blog and even widen my range to sell more. This month has been one of the most growing times of 2013 and has really been a great way to wrap up the year. This month has been filled with “learning as I go” moments. 

This month I’ve learned that you have to (HAVE TO) say no to some opportunities, but this will open up room for you to say yes to other things as well as keep you from getting overloaded. This is something I’ve always been told but I’ve definitely practiced it more these past few weeks. For example, this month I have had to focus only on a few items in my shop that sell more than other items. It has been hard to say no to some orders, but I knew that making that hard decision would give me more proximity to grow and spend more time focusing on the best-selling items. With the new year, I will be making a lot of new changes to my shop and I couldn’t be more excited to work on those things. While I have been working, I have been dreaming up new ideas for my Etsy shop..there are good things coming!

I have constantly been reminded this month on how blessed I am. I think every day this week I have wanted to run up and down my street and scream “GOD IS SO GOOD!” (but it’s cold outside, so I’ll just write about it). I’m extremely thankful for this season of my life and for everyone that has supported me along the way.

I can’t say it enough: thank you. Thank you for every single order, every word of encouragement, every time you have checked up on my shop or all means the world to me to have so much support. Also, I’d love to know about you, so please drop by and send me a link to check out your work/blog/shop/instagram.

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