November 25, 2013

Learning As I Go | Three

This is a feature of Always Rooney to highlight the good and the bad of “learning as I go” as I document and share about my journey of working for myself, doing what I love & taking time off from school. I want to remember these moments, and maybe…just maybe..other people will be able to relate along the way. I’d love to hear your thoughts and your own journeys (even if they look different) as well please feel free to share. 

It takes a team. A common misunderstanding is that there is only one person behind a blog or a business or a shop. may start out that way but when you join together with other people, the ball starts rolling, ideas flow more, things pick up and you can’t do it all on your own. 

My family has been by far my biggest help..every one of them has a part in what I do. Daily we are all texting back and forth ideas, things we have accomplished, things we need prayer for, and times we can all meet up and work on something. My brother & sister-in-law take photos and videos for me, my brother-in-law Aric lets me come to his wood shop and build my next big project, my parents don’t mind taking a two hour car drive to Oklahoma to help me pick out leather and my sister always lends a hand at whatever needs to be done. I also run many ideas by my close friends because they are the most frank with me. 

One time I remember telling my brother an idea and then going to take photos for it and him saying, “So…why did you think this was a good idea?” HA! You need those people to give you a reality check. 

It can be easy to think that there is no one around to help you, but maybe the help you need is someone to bounce your ideas off of or someone to encourage you. Don’t always think that help means someone holding your perfect pie as you take a photo from every angle. Realize that you can’t do it all alone. A very important thing to remember is other people can’t do it alone either. So collaborate with people, give them advice when they ask, go out to coffee with them as they are launching their blog. Don’t just take take take. There is something special about someone that takes time to invest into others by sharing what they have learned even if their schedule seems to be full. If your schedule is full now, follow up when things slow down. 

Do you have people helping you out? Did you find it hard to start because you didn’t/don’t have people to help you out?