October 21, 2013

Leather Friendship Bracelet | DIY

My favorite accessory is a bracelet. I love stacking them and having a go-to set of bracelets that I always wear. This bracelet has become a new favorite…and the great part is it only took about 10 minutes to make!

 Materials: Leather (I used scrap leather), Pre-made friendship bracelet (I found mine at a local store), Embroidery thread, Rounded Studs, Anvil & Punch, Snap Kit, Thick needle.

Steps: Measure your wrist and cut your leather strip to the width and length you like. I cut mine about an inch thick. Line up your friendship bracelet with your leather strip and begin to hand stitch them together with the embroidery thread and thick needle. Use your snap kit and follow the instructions to install it on the ends of the leather. *Make sure you do one side on the opposite end so it will snap around your wrist. Finish off with a few rounded studs on your leather.

 There you have it! A quick friendship bracelet that isn’t just your everyday camp craft.

*All photos by Arielle Kennedy