November 18, 2015

Leather & Rope Basket | DIY

You know when you have an idea in your head so long and finally get around to finding the right supplies and then it just turns out….not so good? I had other plans for this rope and it was a big flop. The good news is, my failed attempt sparked this rope and leather basket idea. This turned out way and another plus side is I didn’t know how versatile it is until I went to style photos! This can be used in your bathroom, workroom, kitchen, laundry room and I even put my fiddle leaf in it! The possibilities are endless for this super simple DIY.

Materials: Leather, Rope (I found mine at Lowes), Sewing Machine (needs zigzag setting), Leather Needle, Bowl, Metal Stamps*, Hole Punch*

Process: Trace your bowl on the back of leather. Cut it out and measure the diameter. Find the circumference by multiplying the diameter by pi (3.14). Cut a strip of leather the length of the circumference or cut two strips that equal the circumference. Sew the strip to the circle with the right sides facing each other. You’ll have your bucket shape once the pieces of leather are sewn together. Using your zig zag option on your sewing machine, sew the rope to the leather. Continue sewing around the circumference and then continue to sew the rope together to make a few rows. When it reaches a height you like, backstitch and sew in place. I used hot glue to finish off the rope and to keep it from fraying*.


 These are great for organizing my recently restyled metal cabinet and our kitchen supplies that is usually cluttered under our sink. This is the perfect solution for easy organizing!