February 3, 2016

Macrame Bouquet Wrap | DIY

What is better than receiving a bright, fresh bouquet of flowers? Receiving a bright, fresh bouquet of flowers wrapped in macrame! I think this DIY takes a beautiful bouquet of tulips to a whole ‘nother level. I have been following Ana Morais on Instagram and love everything she has been making lately. I got this DIY idea from her, so if you love macrame head on over to her feed- you’ll love it! 

 Materials: 6/32 inch cotton piping (about 12 yards), scissors, tape, a bouquet of flowers

Steps: Cut a 10 inch piece of piping and tape it to your table. This can be shorter or longer depending on the size of your bouquet but leave a “tail” so you can tie it later. Cut 6 strands of 35 inch cotton piping. Fold in half and loop around your top strand. Repeat for all 6 strands. Make a basic macrame knot (follow photos above). Repeat the basic knot until you’ve reached your desired length. Mine was about 7 inches and I didn’t cut the end rope off. Lay your bouquet on top of the macrame and use the top strand to tie the macrame wrap loosely around the flowers. Take two bottom strands and tie loosely again. Weave the ends side to side like you are lacing up a shoe or corset. Tie again and deliver to your gal pal!

These would make great gifts for your closest girl friends for Galentine’s day! The best part is, once you deliver the flowers your friend can keep the macrame and hang it up when she puts the blooms in water! It’s a two-in-one gift 😉

I have a few more bouquet wrap ideas I hope to share with you later this week!

Are you doing anything special for Valentines or Galentines day?!