September 3, 2016

Make Your Own Espadrille Sneakers!

I love when DIY meets a classic craft and puts a little spin on it. That is exactly what I did with these espadrille sneakers. I ran across the espadrille soles at my local Hobby Lobby and knew I wanted to make a pair for our recent trip to California.

I love how these turned out, and I am really excited to see what spin you will make on your own pair! I teamed up with Skillshare to bring you this how-to so you can have detailed, step-by-step video instructions. The good news is, you get 3 months of premium skillshare for less than a dollar through this link. You seriously can not beat that! Not only can you make your own shoes, but you can learn pottery, calligraphy, weaving, you name it….all online.

I’m really excited to dive into video tutorials on Skillshare so you can get an in-depth look at the DIY’s I make and then turn around and make your own. Now go ahead and make your own pair of espadrille sneakers!