March 20, 2017

Master Bathroom Progress | Part Two

It’s time for another bathroom progress update! If you are just joining in, my husband and I are adding a master bathroom to our bedroom! I already showed you the before photos and the design plan, and the first stages of the renovation. Here is where we are now…

Above, you’ll see the shower and toilet area all framed out and ready for tile.

I love the look of having subway tile cover the entire back wall! This was Jordan’s suggestion and I think he nailed it!

Above, you’ll see where the floating vanity will go and the faucet will be mounted on the wall.

I was toying with the idea to change the subway tile to herringbone pattern instead of the floor but I decided to stick with our original design and I am loving how it has turned out so far! I can’t wait to see it with black grout!

The photo above gives a glimpse of our finish choices (and our cute dog) with the exception of the hexagon tile. Instead, we will have matte black penny tile. This tile has been quite the hassle to track down and have delivered on time! Thankfully, this has been the only hang up so far in the whole space.

Other details I’m still working on and trying to be patient with are choosing a rug, window treatments, and bathroom accessories. Call me crazy, but I really want a hanging chair in the space. We are waiting for the final vanity measurements to see if it will fit!

I ordered two framed photos from Framebridge that I really think will make the space more custom while bringing in the right amount of color. Overall, seeing it all come to life has been so rewarding!

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