October 31, 2018

Master Bathroom Reveal | Before & After

It is about time I compile a before and after post for our master bath addition we did early 2017. I’ve put off this post for so long because some details like styling were never finished. But a whole year and a half later I’ve come to terms that they won’t be finished any time soon and I don’t have to keep putting off this post. 

To catch up, here are the before plans, part one of progress, and part two.  

Our home was built in the 1930s and our bedroom was a large addition added later on by the previous owners. It is an abnormally large room that we knew we could divide into a master suite. With adding a bathroom, we knew this would add equity to our home value. A home in our area with two bathrooms is a big selling point. 

Here is what the room looked like before. Note that large king-sized platform bed is making the room seem proportional. When we removed the bed, we had so much space to work with. We decided to work with the two windows instead of drywall so the bathroom would get ample natural light. 

Jordan and I saved up for a couple years to pay cash for the bathroom and started by writing down our must-haves. Of course, we started with a Pinterest board and ran from there. Our contractor started construction while we were on vacation since we didn’t want to be living in it while the messy parts were going on. I believe it took around 3 months to complete since our contractor lived a couple hours away but we are in love with the outcome!

 Adding a room is always hard to photograph since you’re making something out of nothing but in the photo below you can see the opposite wall to the one above.

The floating vanity was built by our friend and local craftsman, Jake Fowler. You may remember he also reupholstered ourliving room chairs.  The sconces are from Amazon ($37!) and I love the mixing of metals here.

We are still learning how to keep the glass on our shower clean but I think the trick is to squeegee the glass immediately after showering. At first, I loved the matte black penny tile but it has stained (shown in the photos) so I can’t recommend it for a shower. We’ve tried so many ways to clean it up but have had no luck. Any tips?

I love the quality and look of the Delta Trinsic Line we used in the shower and sink faucet. We will probably use this in our small bathroom renovation in the future! The floor to ceiling subway tile is a nod to the kitchen tile to tie the home together. 

For the windows, we used a privacy spray paint and it’s worked beautifully!

Originally, we planned to add a sliding door to separate the bathroom from our room but after living with it for a year and a half I actually like how the spaces are open to one another. Although we have the hardware, I think we will keep things open for now. I’m sure that isn’t a popular decision but I like the suite feel it has. 

I think what I’ve learned from this is to live with your home. Add and take away things that aren’t fitting quite right. I’ve had different mirrors and rugs in here and ultimately took them away to allow breathing space. That’s my favorite thing about decorating and renovating, always changing things to fit your family’s needs and lifestyle. 

Overall, we love our bathroom and I learned a lot going through my first big renovation. On to the next bathroom reno!