June 5, 2015

Maui, Hawaii | Travel Guide

Oh Maui, how I wish I was there right now and every other day of my life. When my husband and I were searching all over for where we wanted to honeymoon, we threw around just about every idea but knew somewhere tropical was the place for us. It was the perfect way to get away from the cold January winter!

When we landed on Maui, we decided that we wanted to go all out on our honeymoon and only register for a few necessities at Target so people would also give to our honeymoon registry through Traveler’s Joy. We ended up with the best vacation ever, completely gifted to us by our friends and family! If you are thinking about skimping on your honeymoon….don’t! Set up a honeymoon registry and enjoy your time away, you won’t regret it!

Needless to say, we loved our time in Hawaii and while we were there had the idea of creating a list of our favorite places so when friends (and blog friends!) visit they will know what to hit up. So yes, it is six months after our honeymoon and I’m just getting around to making a travel guide but this is a perfect excuse to look at our pictures again from the trip.

 Front Street

-Lahina Luna Cafe – get the crazy fries.

-Ululanis Snow Cone – get ice cream in it!

-Kimos – go at sunset (photo above), the food is delicious!

-Ono Gelato – great atmosphere, cute shop for souvenirs that you actually want to take home and delicious gelato

Kaanapali Parkway

-Maui Fish and Pasta – good meal with a wide variety of foods

-Maui Tacos – our favorite tacos of the trip!

-Hulu Grill – great dinner and fun outdoor atmosphere


-Check out the blowhole

-While you are at the blowhole, look to the right and there is a rock with a heart-shape hole.

-Take stops along the kaanapali highway at every mile marker. Hike around, you won’t be disappointed!

-Black Rock Beach- great safe snorkeling spot, this is where we swam with a giant sea turtle. There are lots of tourists, but it is still very enjoyable!

-Whale Watching – this was my favorite part of the whole trip, but it was even better that you can see whales from your balcony or walking along shore. 


-Jaws Taco food truck – great tacos and delicious smoothies. We were let down by a sushi restaurant and went here afterwards to make up for it!

-Slappy Cakes – fun pancake spot where you make your own pancakes at your table!

-The Gazebo- amazing breakfast! Trust me on this one

Road To Hana

-Start early! (Like 6AM early)

-Bring snacks and water

-Get waffles on the side of the road…or fresh fruit if you are into that sorta thing 😉

-Stop to see waterfalls on the side of the road

-Swim in the Seven Deadly Pools

-Hike to the Bamboo Forest

-Take the south route back, which will lead you around the entire island. This is where we saw the most incredible views.

Other Tips

-Buy snorkeling gear at a local shop

-A massage on the beach is always a great idea

-Wake up early to watch the sunrise

-Buy (or bring) some binoculars at Walgreens to tote around everywhere you go!

-Make friends! One of the best parts of Hawaii is how nice everyone is. Talk to your waiter, people who work at local shops, and even other tourists. Everyone will be more than happy to give you suggestions and tips.

Have you ever been to Hawaii? What were your favorite spots?!