January 14, 2014

Meet Sein: Calendars for Italy Missions

Meet Sein Kwon. Sein is one of the sweetest and most joyful people I have ever met. Not only is she kind and a friend to everyone she meets, she is a talented photographer and singer. Sein has teamed up with twelve photographers across the United States to create a calendar to sell to raise money for her upcoming trip to Italy. During her trip with Heartsong, she will have the incredible opportunity to travel to different churches and sing as well as sing at the Colosseum.

Sein is selling these calendars for $15 each and 100% of the profit is going to Italy missions. These calendars are printed in such high quality and the photographs are beautiful! They did a wonderful job putting these together.

I urge you to support Sein in this adventure of hers by buying a calendar for yourself. I am a huge fan of calendars, there are so many great ones out there so add this one to your collection!

To Order: Email Sein directly at seinboxphoto@gmail.com

*These are only available until February*

Photographers featured: Beth Beeson, Michael Dameron, Shawn Thompson, Andrew Edwards, Sarah Thomas, Erika Spitler, Adriana Sinke, Alex Monacella, Nathan Stracke, Hunter Airheart, Filmore Bouldes, Brenton Little