March 30, 2016

Message Board | DIY

Don’t you love when a simple DIY makes a big impact? This Message Board DIY is now one of my favorite items in our home! It is so much fun rearranging the letters to come up with different quotes and I love how it finally makes our living room corner look complete! I’ve been trying to find something for the longest time to put above the cart and obviously DIY was the way to go.

I found this idea from Floral & Hardie and while I admire their work, I’ll be admiring from afar since their price tag doesn’t exactly match my budget. I also love how this coffee shop used the same technique for a menu.

This was so easy to whip up since I already had the frame! The part that really makes it pop is using sticker letters for a clean design. Here is how you can make your own message board:

 Materials: Frame, 4  3/8×36″ square dowels , 4 1/4×36″ square dowels, 3-4 long strips of thin birch wood, Wood Glue,  White Spray Paint, Black Letter Stickers

Process: First, cut your birch wood into 2.5×1″ pieces. I ended up with 55 pieces. Paint all the pieces white including the back of the frame insert. Cut your square dowels into 13.25″ pieces. Glue one 3/8 square dowel to a 1/4 dowel to make a right angle. After the glue dries, Spray paint the wood ledges. Attach stickers to the birch wood pieces. After the spray paint dries, glue to the back of the frame!

^Quote by my friend, Sallie

Can you tell I had fun changing up the quotes? What would you write on your message board

PS: If you want the “Plant Lady Is The New Cat Lady” in a print, look here.