November 4, 2013

Mountain Pin Cushion | DIY

I’ve been wanting to make a pin cushion for a while now and I think I found the perfect shape to make: a mountain! This DIY is so easy and would make a great little gift to add to a sewing kit for a friend!

 Materials: White felt or fleece, Gray Felt, Embroidery thread, Sewing machine, Pillow Stuffing

Steps: Cut out the shape you want your cushion to be. I made to big shapes identical and then made side triangles for the sides. Cut out white triangles with roughly cut angles on the bottom. Sew on to your gray felt pieces with embroidery thread. Cut out a rectangle from your gray felt and sew all pieces together by sewing the sides first and the bottom last leaving one side open. Stuff cushion full and sew last edge together.

The pin cushion that can temporarily feed your itch to get outdoors!