May 25, 2017

My Favorite Rug Sources

Trust me, I have spent many hours in the past looking for the perfect rug for a space that was in our price range. Through searching high and low over the past couple of years, I have found some reliable rugs sources that make finding the perfect rug ten times easier! Here are my favorites: 

image via Sarah Sherman Samuel

eSale Rugs – Even though eSale rugs is a large rug source, they sell one of a kind persian rugs for a great price! The image from Sarah Sherman Samuel shows a beautiful Nahavand persian rug from eSale.

RUGSUSAYou can spend hours on this site scouring through their rugs. With free shipping & returns, its a great source for inexpensive rugs. I found my living room rug from Rugs USA and I love it! I bought it a couple years ago and I think they’ve changed the design since then. You can see a review and more photos of our rug here.

Ebay– Diving into bidding wars can be the most cost effective way to find an antique rug, but also a little disheartening if you don’t win. Look for Buy It Now deals and Best Offer opportunities. Narrow your search by setting a price and selecting colors you are looking for. Search terms like: turkish, kilim, Oushak, Kazak, Nahavand,  and Vintage.

EtsyEtsy has so many great shops full of vintage finds. Like Ebay, narrow your search results by price and color. BEHomeCo is a shop that never disappoints!  

Local Antique Shops- Always keep an eye out for rugs that are hidden under furniture, rolled up in the corner, or even hanging on a wall at antique shops. Even if you find one outside of your price range, booths host sales often to move inventory so you can grab a beautiful rug for a steal. I found our newest rug on sale for $200 this way.

Curated Rug Shops- Another Great way to find rugs is through curated vintage rug shops. I love how many have been launching recently because it takes the work out of finding a beautiful rug for your space. I’ve linked each shop’s instagram which is the best way to follow along for updates and new rugs!

Woven Rug CoMy friend Amy just launched a curated rug shop with her sister. I love the idea of having color collections, I would gladly take any of these in my home! Instagram.

Kennedy RoseNew rugs are added every friday to this shop, so always keep an eye out for new collections. Be sure to snatch the one you love quickly, I’ve missed out on a few from waiting too long! Instagram

Vintage Rug ShopI started following Brittany’s blog years ago and I was so excited when she opened her shop. She also sells textiles, pillows and furniture! Instagram

Maison ElevenThis is another great curated rug source that beautifully shows the rug in a homey space. Instagram.

Alright, hopefully you can find a rug from one of these sources that fits your needs. What’s your favorite rug source?

If you find a great vintage rug but it needs some cleaning, check out my tips on how to clean a vintage rug.