December 12, 2013

Normal Moments.

A few things from my week:

>I have had orders, orders and more orders to fill from my Etsy shop. YAY!

>Made four trips to the post office so far.

>I have been searching high and low for a mustard yellow jacket that will keep me warm and a friend finally found this one for me.

>I watched the snow fall and blanket the homes on our street. It is beautiful.

>Finally ordered gifts that I have been procrastinating on.

>Fallen more in love with the colors olive green and mustard yellow.

>I dropped my tooth brush down the drain. It was a light saber toothbrush…bummer.

>Thought of many projects I want to get to…but sadly have had to put them off for a bit.

>Drank many cups of hot tea.

>I haven’t had the chance to catch up on my favorite blogs. bummer.

>Gotten more excited for my new years trip with my best friends

>I’ve probably gotten dressed at 1 p.m. about 3 days this week. Oops.

>I’m still searching for a tortoise shell digital watch. I’ve even taken great lengths of emailing different watch companies.

>Successfully made two different soups. I feel like I conquered the kitchen this week except for when I burnt the cookies.

>I ran into some very angry Christmas shoppers and drivers.

>Received letters and postcards that made me feel loved and warmed my heart.

>Made some “goals” for the new year.

This week has been really busy and I haven’t really gotten to do the things I usually like to do like blogging and sitting down to crochet at night, but I have just been reminded how blessed I am and how thankful I am to do what I do. My days can be so normal, but in those “normal” moments I find myself incredibly happy. I love my kind of normal.

P.S. You can find my passport covers featured in Sister Mag this month alongside 49 other projects for the holidays! Click hereto check it out.