June 26, 2013

Off I Go..

Today I leave for my second week at camp. I have grown up going to summer camp and when I graduated high school I went from a camper to a staff member and once I moved to Missouri I found my place at a new camp. I’m leading a team of high schoolers this week and I couldn’t be more excited. Some don’t know this (and more are very aware…) but I get very competitive during the games and love team spirit, summer camp is where my competitive side takes over my usual introverted, quiet side.  I call myself a camp junkie, I love painting myself, wearing crazy clothes and losing my voice but most of all I love the nightly services where there is always an incredible message from our pastor.

I’ve spent the day packing, painting t-shirts and doing little things for the week…I’m very expectant to see what the week holds!

Did you grow up going to summer camp?


*T-shirt is from boy’s section in wal mart and I painted the design. Hanger was a quick project made from an old wire hanger, driftwood and scrap fabric.