June 28, 2013

Oh Overalls… | Outfit Post

Shirt: Forever 21//Overalls: Wal Mart//Shoes: Minnetonka//Purse: DIY

*Photos by Chase Kennedy

Oh overalls,  I enjoyed wearing you in preschool so much and now I will enjoy it just as much in my twenties. When I saw these at Wal Mart, I snatched them up knowing I was going to camp that week and it would give me a better excuse to wear them out in public because I “originally bought them for camp” (that is a lie…I totally wanted them for everyday wear). I am loving that they have come out from hiding and are becoming a summer staple for 2013. If I was a little taller I’d love to rock the skinny cut like these from Free People but since height is not on my side, I’ll stick to the rolled shorts version.

To take it to the next level, I convinced my team at camp to hit the local thrift stores for overalls so we can match for team competitions..I may be going overboard but who cares!

How do you feel about overalls?