October 31, 2015

Old Cabinet Restyle | Before & After

 A few months ago, I found this old, rusted cabinet in a shed behind our house. I have been needing extra storage in my workroom and knew it was perfect for my room but needed a little love. With a little scrubbing, spray paint, and a new handle it was ready for my workroom!

^Here is where I found it!^

 My friend Kaylan has been renovating her home and had this extra handle and kindly gave it to me for the cabinet! I feel like it makes the cabinet look new!

 I’m so glad the cabinet is metal so I can hang inspiration and photos on the side!

 I tried to keep the inside as organized as possible, but craft supplies is hard to keep perfect since there are always projects happening around here! So with a little elbow grease and $4 in spray paint…I have a perfect cabinet for my workroom!