May 24, 2013

One Year

Yesterday, my friend Leah reminded me that it was my one year blogging anniversary (she was reminded via Timehop, an iPhone app).

Blogging for one year? That is crazy talk…it slipped my mind because it has gone by so fast. I feel like I just started my blog last month. This year has been one I will never forget, I have learned so much (and written down most of those lessons) and made such great relationships through this little blog of mine. I used to tell myself for years “I should start a blog…” but always pushed the idea to the back of my head. Finally, one day I ventured to a local coffee shop and sat there for about 3 hours writing down ideas and drawing up mock layouts in my moleskine notebook. Four months later after lots of planning, a trip home to take photos, help from friends & family and praying, Always Rooney was launched.

If you are itching to begin a blog, start now! I began with an iPhone and a commitment. I told myself once I start I won’t flake out a few months in. I knew it would be difficult at times and I am learning something new everyday but blogging has become a hobby where I highlight my many other hobbies. Whenever I feel like quitting I remind myself of why I started my blog: to share with others the passions in my life and stretch myself. This is usually enough inspiration to launch me forward again.

Overall, I am just so grateful for everyone who has stopped by to look at my blog, comment and follow along. I am humbled by this last year and looking back I know that none of this was by my own efforts but I know God has worked through me throughout this whole year of blogging. The best is yet to come!