December 24, 2015

Our First Married Christmas

I know I’m a little late in sharing our home decorated for Christmas, but better late than ever! Christmas is such a busy season for Jordan and me, but I think for our first go-around we did a pretty great job at enjoying it as much as possible! Here is how we decorated as our first year married and some fun things we did this holiday season.

 My gingerbread house I made at a party hosted by my friend Sallie and our new lamp from our good friend, Dyana!

 This is garland we used at our wedding last year, I added battery-powered lights but unfortunately they stopped working after a few uses. I still love what it adds to the room…I don’t want to take it down!

 I bought a $3 wreath at Michaels and added strands of greenery with floral wire and borrowed some berries from my neighbor’s bush!

 I did the same thing with this wreath and added a crocheted bow I made from this chunky yarn.

 I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now and my friend Rachel kindly let me have a tree stump for this project! I drilled a large hole in the middle and it made the perfect tree stand. I got the inspiration from Urban Outfitters!

  ^A girls holiday chick-flick movie night^

 ^My friend, Sallie, hosted a really fun gingerbread making party!^

 ^One of my absolute favorite things this year is the lights on our house.  Jordan putting them up in the freezing rain is something we will (hopefully) laugh about for years and years to come! I can’t wait to add more next year.^

 ^I used my Cricut to add a little Christmas cheer to a wreath made from old wedding garland. I also used my Cricut to cut the fireplace banner and the star on the top of our tree!^

 ^Jordan and I hosted my family for Christmas where we ate my mom’s delicious gumbo and chocolate lava cake!^

^We got all dressed up for our church staff party! Thanks to my best friend Leah for letting me borrow her gorgeous dress!^

We opened our Christmas gifts this morning and tonight we are celebrating with a Christmas Eve service.  I love the holiday season and I wish it came around more often. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful time with family!