January 23, 2014

Overalls Restyle

I love overalls (see here) and I especially love the winter, skinny leg version. They are not the cheapest threads on the block, nor the easiest to find. I came across these corduroy brownish purple overalls that were clearly ten sizes too large, and made my own version of the skinny overalls.

I laid out the overalls and put a pair of skinny jeans over them and traced the legs. I left seam allowance and after sewing, I cut the extra fabric off. This took a few tries of trying them on to make sure they were what I wanted. For the back, I cut across where the top of pants would hit and folded it over and hemmed. I then cut down from the straps to make two separate straps, hemmed the sides and crossed them and sewed them to the top of the pants.

I haven’t restyled anything in a while..so this was a fun little pick-me-up project. Have you restyled anything lately? Leave a link!