November 25, 2015

Painted Front Door | Before & After

You may have noticed by now I am on a painting spree. After the fireplace, my office cabinet and now our front door, I have a few more things up my sleeve I want to add a new touch of paint to! It’s all a part of making big changes even on a small budget! The stain on our door was nice, and I loved it but it didn’t seem to fit the direction the style of our living room is evolving into. I threw out the idea of painting it and my husband agreed so yesterday on a whim, I took the same paint we used for the inside of our fireplace and gave the inside of the front door a good coat of flat black. 

Here is the before and after. I like both doors but I love the new change of the black door! I heard many horror stories of painting doors and the paint just peeling right off (like this one)…so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen, but I’m prepared for the worst! So far, no peeling…so maybe I lucked out and had the right paint on hand.

I was so eager that I barely taped off anything. Probably not the best idea, but hey…I feel like it worked out all right. I used a brush only since all my rollers were old and started with the inside trim, the two rectangles and then in sections I finished off the outside! It barely took a fourth of a quart. I only painted the inside of the door because I feel like the outside still goes well with the exterior of our home.

I also added a new quote by the door that I previously replaced in our kitchen with this one. This scripture is our family verse for the year, so I love that now it is in clear sight of where we usually relax in our home.

Do you ever just go on painting sprees in your home?! I haven’t gotten to a wall…yet. So we will see what is next!