July 9, 2013

Palette Vanity | DIY

I never jumped on the palette bandwagon, I always planned to make something from palettes since pinterest has proven there are hundreds of uses for them plus they are free but I never got around to a palette project until recently. I was in need of a new jewelry display and decided to turn this palette into a place to get ready in the mornings.

Materials: Palette, white paint and extra paint colors of your choice, round mirror (found mine at hobby lobby!), nails, magnetic strip (optional), hand saw, hammer, sand paper, E6000 glue

1. First cut your palette to size. I cut a palette in half with a hand saw and took a few boards off one half of the palette to fill in some space on the half I was using. 2. Sand down your palette. 3. Paint a few coats of white. 4. Glue your mirror in place, lay some heavy books on top to secure. 5. Doodle a design around mirror (Start with simple colors and shapes and then layer on other colors to look more like flowers). 6. Hammer in some nails, hang up your jewelry and admire on your wall:)

Optional Ideas & Tips:

*If you don’t want your flower design to be so bright, Take some sandpaper to it lightly to give it a more worn look.

*Add a magnetic strip to the side for bobby pins!

 I can’t wait to put this in my new room and add more pretty jewelry to it!