February 4, 2015

Personalized Name Plate Hangers: Two Ways

Along with the soy candles, I gave my bridesmaids personalized hangers with their names on them. I went back and forth between if I should put “bridesmaid” or their names, and I stuck with their names so they can use them again. After the wedding, I figured there was more than one way to make these hangers so I whipped up a leather and wood hanger to show you another way you can do this project. These took about 5-10 minutes each, and were a really inexpensive way to personalize a gift.

Leather Nameplate How-To:

Materials- Drill, Crop-o-dile (or any strong hole punch), Wooden Hanger (I purchased a pack of 5 from Target), Metal Stamp Set, Leather, Mallet, Silver Studs, Sharpie, Super glue (optional)

Process- Measure out your leather to the size and shape you want it to be on the hanger. Punch your holes on either side of your rectangle and stamp your word using the metal stamps and mallet. With a sharpie, draw holes on the hanger where the studs will go. Drill a hole about halfway through the hanger, making sure you don’t go all the way through. Secure leather tag in place with the studs and place a small tab of glue if you think it is necessary (if your hole ends up being a little too big). 

Silver Engraved Plate How-To:

Materials- Wooden Hanger (found at Target), Drill, Thin metal sheet (found at Michaels), Strong Scissors, Crop-o-dile (or other strong hole punch), Silver Studs, *Engraver (found at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section for less than $10), Sand paper, Card stock, Sharpie, Super Glue (optional)

Process- On a piece of card stock, draw out your shape. To make mine symmetrical, I drew it out and folded it in half to cut. Trace your shape onto your metal sheet and cut out. Smooth the edges by running sand paper across the sides. Using your crop-o-dile, punch holes onto the edges and then mark the holes on the wooden hanger and drill a hole halfway through the hanger. Using your engraver, write out your name. Secure your name plate on the hanger using the silver studs and place a dot of glue in the hole if you feel it is necessary. 

Note: The engraving is not very deep, so you need to be close to see the name on the hangers. But I still feel it adds a nice touch to have a personalized hanger. These hangers cost about $4 each, probably even cheaper since I already had some of the supplies. 

*The engraver I found was very simple to use and has come in handy for a lot of projects! I definitely suggest looking into getting one, especially for it’s price. Mine is from Hobby Lobby or here is one on Amazon.

Above photo by Taylor Fowler.

I packaged these hangers up with a soy candle and a monogram mug from Anthropologie. They were a simple way to say “thank you” and added to the wedding photos as we got dressed on the wedding day.