June 2, 2016

Pineapple Air Plant Holder | DIY

I’m a big fan of big DIY’s that take a lot of time and thought…but when a project whips up in less than 10 minutes, for less than $10 and just makes you happy to look at, it is just as rewarding! These DIY Pineapple Air Plant Holders are just that. They are quick, fun, and make an impact to your space. These would also be a fun gift for a fellow #PlantLady!

 Materials: Balsa Wood, Wooden Napkin RingsHot Glue GunWood BurnerAirplantsCommand Strip/ClipX-Acto Knife.

Process: First, draw the shape of your pineapple onto the balsa wood. If you need help with this just print out a picture of a pineapple and trace the body portion. Cut out your shape using your knife (make sure you use balsa wood, otherwise the knife won’t cut any other wood). Once your shape is finished, draw diagonal lines across your pineapple shape using the wood burner. Now, draw diagonal lines the opposite way on the pineapple to create a diamond pattern. *See photo for reference. Hot glue one napkin ring to the top, back of the shape. Be sure to hold in place until the glue cools off. Add a command clip to the back and then attach to the wall according to the command clip instructions. Place your air plant inside the napkin ring and you are done!

If you are looking for a center piece for your backyard summer gathering, you can also use two pineapple shapes glued to either side of the napkin ring so the air plant holder will stand up!

 See… They are so fun, right? If you used a test tube in the back, you could make a beautiful mini floral arrangement for the pineapple “hair” instead. Or, if you are the complete opposite of a plant lady, try using faux succulents like I did in the top left holder. Whatever you choose, have fun DIY-ing!

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