November 7, 2015

Put Some Guac On It | Free Download

I love guacamole. Love it. I prefer to make it at home just to my liking and I am guilty of having guacamole for lunch and dinner far too many times. When I feel like a meal or dish needs a little something extra, my mantra is always to ‘put some guac on it’. Here is a free download for you if you are head over heels for guac like I am. 

My current go-to guac recipe is:1 Avocado1/2 LimeGarlic PowderSalt to TasteSlap Ya Mama SeasoningCilantroJalepeno Finely chopped Red OnionAdd as much of each ingredient as you like and stir it up! If you want a more scientific version, follow Chipotle’s recipe…you can never go wrong with chipotle guacamole. Even if you have to pay a fortune extra for it;)