July 10, 2016

Quick Bathroom Refresh: The Plan

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The last room in our home to be renovated is the bathroom. We have been saving for a while to overhaul the bathroom and a few months ago we were about to take the plunge and then realized how expensive bathroom remodels are! We then decided we are going to first add a completely new bathroom to our master bedroom and then come back and renovate the original bathroom. That way we won’t be without a working bathroom during renovation and we will upgrade our 3 bed/1 bath home to a 3 bed/2 bath – which is pretty rare for the area we live in.

Here is the before. Gross right? It is a tiny bathroom with lots of problems!

Since it may still be a few months until we get to renovate, I am going to refresh our current bathroom to make it a little bit more enjoyable. It has a lot of under-the-surface issues like rot, wood damage and peeling linoleum that won’t be addressed until we completely renovate. But with a little paint, decor and scrubbing I am hoping to make the bathroom a little more pleasant until we get the bathroom of our dreams.

Here is the plan I have so far:

1. Paint the walls & Tile above the sink white.

I won’t paint the tiles in the shower area just because there is not a need since the curtain will be shut.

2. New shower curtain

We will be able to still use this when we renovate!

3. Remove towel rack & replace with hooks or a new rack.

Have you seen this set at target? I love the versatility and clean lines! I want one for every room in our home

4. New rug

In a low-key pattern to not compete with the unfortunate linoleum that is covering beautiful original tiles.

5. A succulent or two in the little nook 

6. Change medicine cabinet knob

The original is sweet…but not our style.

7. Add art

8. New trashcan 

9. Add electrical outlet where blue tape is. 

Yep, you read that right. There is not even a power outlet in our bathroom!

I’ll check back with updates! Do you have any inexpensive suggestions on how I can transform this tiny space? I’d love to have your input!