July 26, 2016

Quick Bathroom Refresh: Progress Part 1

I recently shared a game plan to give our old bathroom a refresh to hold us over until it gets a complete renovation. I’ve already begun making a few changes and purchasing a few things. A few weeks ago, I was really thinking about how much I disliked (read: hated) the linoleum floor and if I could change anything about it. My wheels got to turning and I googled “How to remove linoleum” and like they say…the rest is history. Well, not quite. I haven’t removed all of the linoleum yet. But I do want to check in with a little progress report to share how much the bathroom has changed just from removing flooring that you hate!

 See that?! Beautiful hexagon tile that was covered up by linoleum…what a shame! I’m sure the previous owner covered it up because of the damage in the middle but we are going to replace those tiles and it will be so much better.

 There is still glue to remove, we will re-grout everything and then continue with the rest of the bathroom refresh plans!

I also removed the eye-sore of a towel rack. I don’t know if you could really say it is an eye-sore since it was lucite and didn’t really draw much attention, but it was gross and had a lot of rust and old paint build up that needed to go. I already bought a new towel rack we will add to the opposite wall instead.

Well, back to work! I have more linoleum to scrape off, walls to paint, fixtures to change and rugs to shop for! Have you ever removed linoleum?!