February 11, 2020

Renovating An Old Shed To Become A Creative Studio

With our family growing in a matter of months, we’ve been strategizing how to maximize the space we have in our home and move things around for our new addition. Luckily, we quickly found a solution: to move my studio to our backyard!

Our backyard is pretty unique and special…but still needs a bit of love. We have a garage apartment (currently being renovated, stay tuned!) and a small work shed. Neither have been touched in probably 20 years and have just become where we toss old furniture.

Today I want to share the before photos and vision for this little studio shed and what we are going to do to spruce it up and create a space to create in.

First, the outside. Isn’t she a cutie? The outside will probably not be touched at first and the door, cladding and roof will all stay the same. Hopefully in the future it will get new siding, paint and landscaping.

When you walk in, there is a small space dividing wall with shelves to the right and an empty space to the left. This is actually where I found my old metal cabinet that you can see here. During demo, we decided to remove the dividing walls to maximize the space. Now we are working with a 160 sq. ft. rectangle which is such a great feeling!

Here’s what we plan on tackling in this space:

– Vaulting the ceilings

– Adding electricity and lights

– Adding a window unit

– Replacing windows

– Relocating the arch window

– Replacing all rotten wood to secure the structure (there is a lot to replace!)

– Painting walls and ceilings white

– Painting exterior a dark green

– Adding insulation and paneling to walls

– Finding a flooring solution

Phew…we have to do all of this before our baby arrives since she is taking over my old studio!