August 16, 2017

Reupholstering Vintage Midcentury Chairs With Leather

A while back, Jordan and I stumbled across these two midcentury modern chairs at a local antique store. We had our eyes on two chairs at West Elm we wanted to save up for, but when we found these we saw so much potential and agreed we wanted to have these original chairs compared to newer ones. 

We knew immediately we wanted to restore the wood (which we will still do in the future) and reupholster the cushions. I’m sure you can guess I love leather, so it was an easy decision to spring for leather instead of a fabric I may get tired of in the future. 

For reference, here is what we started with:

 I like the light color of the original cushions but they were dirty and were in need of an update. I am bummed the wood is painted black and can’t wait to restore it to the original wood!

Annnnnd AFTER! We commissioned our friend, Jake Fowler, to upholster the cushions for us with this beautiful leather from The Leather Hide Store. They sent over a few samples of leather and although it was a tough choice, I decided on Indian River because of the cognac color and the waxy, low sheen. I feel like it will only get better with age, as leather tends to do.

The other fun part of the upholstery process was using this sizing guide to know exactly how much leather was needed for our two chairs. One full leather hide covered 4 cushions and we even had some left over! This made the process a breeze so we were equipped with the perfect amount needed for the chairs.

I love how these cushions turned out, I think everything is better with leather! If you have a leather project and need some help, be sure to check out this sizing guide and browse through the leather supply that The Leather Hide Store has!

This post was in partnership with The Leather Hide Store. All opinions and design direction were my own. Thanks for reading!